When Mark was referred to the JETS programme as he had been made redundant during the Covid pandemic. He suffered a stroke, heart attack and a bad fall, all of which made finding work a big challenge. He has since re-discovered his “love of learning” and is busy and happy developing his digital skills and future work prospects.

Here mark tells his work journey whilst on the JETS programme

“Covid made me redundant, I was a taxi driver then had no job at all. I did get a job and worked for the council, but I had a stroke and ended up in hospital for 6-7 weeks then I had a heart attack as well!

“I knew I needed to find work and I was looking, but no one wanted me because of my health conditions I was considered high risk. At home one day, making a cup of tea, I slipped and hit the floor, I smashed my jaw in several places but luckily, it was just hair- line fractures

“It was at this point I started working with the Work and Health JETS programme and my Employment Advisor Anna has been really helpful. I speak to Anna once a week, she’s very encouraging, she always calls when she says she will, sometimes she is the first person I speak to all week and she always listens to me.

“I’ve had lots of different roles in my life, Taxi driving improved my maths skills before that I was grounds keeper at a golf course, I learnt on the job I used my initiative, I could get the young people to talk and listen to me, I have good people skills. Anna helped write up a new C.V which made me see all these transferable skills.

“Since being on JETS I’ve been on an IT course and got a new laptop– my computer was 20 years old! I’ve also passed my Health and Safety course and added my certificate to my C.V. I’ve learned things I didn’t know before and I love that I am still learning new things at my age.

 “I’m Still looking for work waiting for a medical, I’ve been told I can’t drive, due to having blackouts, it’s very annoying and limits what I can do. However now that I have my computer. I can communicate with people. I’ve been able to upload my CV- and I can print it from home.  I’ve been making use of spell check and grammar tools, I enjoy doing it and it’s making me more alert. I’ve even been helping my friends, scanning, and printing and laminating documents for them to support them at work!

It might be later in life but I’m learning now, and I’ll keep learning- I’m happy I’ve learnt things I didn’t know before”

Employment Advisor Anna said

“Mark has shown such a positive attitude to his personal circumstances, he is so proactive and has focussed on what he can do towards work rather than want he can’t. He is an inspiration and has shown that with a great attitude anything is possible whatever stage of your life and work journey”.

The Work and Health JETS programme was funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund

Area: Devon

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