“I feel good now I’m working!”

We are so delighted that Wayne, 39,  from Paignton, has successfully found work with Wright Clean at a local primary school

“I have mild learning difficulties”, says Wayne. “I also have a sight impairment on my right side but this has never stopped me wanting to find work.”

Wayne’s Change Coach, Gen, contacted one of our local employers, Wright Clean, who were recruiting for a cleaning position at a local primary school in time for the school’s reopening. We knew Wayne would be perfect for the job!

Despite lockdown, we supported Wayne to prepare for and successfully complete an online interview with Richard and Karen from Wright Clean using Zoom from the comfort of his own home!

We helped him to familiarise with Zoom by attending a weekly fitness sessions with Phoenix Fitness.

“Seetec Pluss helped me to download the Zoom app for the fitness classes”, explains Wayne, “They also called me every week to help me book me onto the class and give me the code. It made me feel fitter, more confident and able to find work.

Confident with using his new app, Wayne’s was also able to speak to his change coach regularly to support him to prepare for interview.

“Seetec Pluss helped me to find the job and get the interview. I had my interview by video due to Coronavirus. They helped me prepare for my interview online and looked at Wright Clean’s website so I could learn more about the company. They also attended the online interview on Zoom with me.”

Following his interview, Wayne successfully won the job with Wright Clean and has started work at the primary school. He is thrilled to be working  as part of the team and maintaining the high standards needed to tackle Covid-19.

“I feel good now that I’m working. It’s good that I’ve been out and been to work. It’s so nice being around people.”

Richard Smith, Managing Director at Wright Clean

Wayne’s new boss, Richard, is equally delighted with his new employee.

“This is the first time we have interviewed over Zoom and it worked really well”, says Richard. “We wanted to put Wayne at ease as we felt it would be stressful talking to people he hadn’t spoken to before, particularly over Zoom. It was important to make the interview informal and for Wayne to know about us as a company; that he would be coming into a good job with nice people.

“Wayne’s interview went really well. Most importantly, it was good to have a chat, understand his personality and make sure he would fit into the team. He is the only guy in a team of five and it gives us a really nice dynamic.

“Now, Wayne is doing really well in his job. He has a very good disposition, turns up on time and just gets on with his job in a professional manner.  He’s a fast learner and has his own section in the school which he cleans independently. The feedback from his supervisor is really positive.

“My advice to any other employer recruiting in this way is that you should try to cut through the nerves. If someone hasn’t worked for a while, they will probably be nervous and desperate to get the job. It’s up to us, as employers, to give people reassurance and comfort at interview so they have every opportunity to do well.”




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