When we first met Coleen she was a lone parent, struggling to make ends meet and fitting part time jobs around her family commitments.

Now she is shining in her new role as a care worker, making a massive difference to the lives of others during these uncertain times.

“Being a single mum, I had spent the last 20 years struggling to make ends meet, in and out of mini zero hours jobs”, says Coleen.  “Now my daughters are grown up and less dependent upon me, I was ready to find a good full-time job with potential for my future.

“But times have changed, especially when applying for jobs. I needed a computer and IT skills which I lacked.

“I was put into contact with Seetec Pluss who helped me tremendously. Teresa was my saviour, so friendly and helpful. She reviewed my CV and enrolled me onto  the Indeed job search site.

Seetec Pluss worked with Coleen to update her CV, and supported her to contact local employers, apply for roles and to build her confidence. We also helped financially with travel, interview clothes and training.

“Teresa applied for jobs with me and advised on how to conduct a good interview. Pluss generously gave me credit to buy smart clothes so that I looked smart and presentable.

“Seetec Pluss was with me all the way, from the start, throughout and afterwards. Teresa took away the pressure, fear and anxiety and provided a smooth path for  me.

Coleen applied for a support worker role assisting people with learning disabilities at Mencap in Launceston. Together, we practiced interview techniques, researched the company and spent time familiarising with the job requirements. She was short listed and after attending both a telephone and in-person interview, Coleen won the job!

Coleen has now been in this role for several months and although it has been a challenging time with the Covid 19 outbreak, she continues to ‘shine’ in her work as a key worker supporting people to live independent lives.

“I now have a good job which has impacted my life greatly, giving me a better lifestyle”, says Coleen. “I now have my own car, a laptop and I have enough money to afford to live a healthy life.

“I am no longer reliant on Universal Credit, Housing Benefit, family and friends. I am now self-sufficient and can live, not just exist.

“I am so grateful for the wonderful service Pluss provides. I could not have done all this without them and would not be where I am without their loyal support.

“I would like to thank Seetec Pluss, especially Teresa, for everything you have done for me.”

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