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National Careers Service. Case study. SusanThe National Careers Service helped Susan find her dream job as a Teaching assistant

After living and working as a property supervisor in Portugal for 12 years, Susan returned to Cornwall with her two young children, eager to re-enter the workforce in the UK.

Initially Susan returned to voluntary work, via Home Start Kernow, and the excellent training they offered reignited her passion for working with children and learning.

Facing the challenge of restarting her career and getting back to work, she sought guidance and support from a local adult learning centre.


At the adult learning centre, Susan was advised to contact Maggie from the National Careers Service.

Recognising the need for professional advice to navigate the UK job market, Susan arranged a telephone appointment with Maggie.

During their conversation, Susan expressed her aspirations and the desire to find a fulfilling job in primary education that would support her family.

Transferable Skills

Maggie played a crucial role in helping Susan identify her transferable skills.

With 12 years of experience living abroad, and having previously worked in education, Susan possessed unique capabilities and experiences that were highly valuable.

Maggie worked with Susan to refine her CV, ensuring it accurately reflected her skills and experiences in a way that would appeal to UK employers.

This process not only enhanced Susan’s job prospects in getting back to work, but also boosted her confidence.

careers adviser maggie helps people get back to work

Exploring Job Opportunities

With a polished CV in hand, Maggie (pictured) guided Susan through various local job opportunities.

She introduced Susan to Cornwall Council’s job website, where they discovered a vacancy for a teaching assistant position.

This role involved working one-on-one with a learning disabilities pupil — a position that perfectly matched Susan’s skills and interests.

Preparation and Success

Maggie’s support extended beyond CV refinement and job searching.

She provided Susan with invaluable interview tips and techniques, equipping her with the confidence and skills needed to excel in her job applications.

Armed with renewed self-assurance and Maggie’s expert guidance, Susan applied for the teaching assistant position.

Susan’s application was successful, and she secured the role.

Reflecting on her journey, Susan shared her gratitude: “Maggie was amazing. She was so relatable and full of knowledge and expertise.

“She helped so much, not only supporting me in my job search but refining my CV and giving a real boost to my confidence.

“I would highly recommend the National Careers Service to anyone, especially if you are looking for a career change.”

The Role of the National Careers Service

The National Careers Service offers a wide range of services to support job seekers at various stages of their career journeys:

  • Personalised Career Advice: One-on-one sessions with experienced advisers like Maggie, who provide tailored guidance based on individual skills and aspirations.
  • CV and Application Assistance: Expert help in crafting effective CVs and job applications that stand out to potential employers.
  • Job Search Support: Access to local job opportunities and resources, helping job seekers navigate the job market efficiently.
  • Interview Preparation: Tips and techniques to build confidence and improve interview performance.
  • Skills Identification: Assistance in recognizing and articulating transferable skills, making career transitions smoother.

Susan’s successful transition back to work in the UK exemplifies the significant impact of the National Careers Service.

Through the dedicated support of Maggie, Susan not only found a rewarding job but also regained her confidence.

The National Careers Service continues to empower individuals like Susan, providing essential resources and expert guidance to help them achieve their career goals.

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