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Senior keeper at Blackpool Zoo, Khaled

There are hundreds of different career paths to tread, so how do you know which one is the right one for you?

The National Careers Service has the equivalent of an online jobs ‘dating’ section on its website, where you can input some details and your qualifications and transferable skills can be matched up with some of the jobs you perhaps hadn’t considered.

But there’s nothing quite like hearing the experience of someone who has actually worked in your ideal career for many years and can share some of their knowledge of the job.

We’ll be dropping in on several people, employed in a variety of roles, over the coming weeks and months and we’ll be asking them to share some of the ‘behind the scenes’ secrets of their workplace.

We start with a trip to Blackpool Zoo, where senior keeper, Khaled, tells Natasha from the marketing team, all about the work he does and, as he says, “it’s not just about picking up poo!”

🎬 Watch the video to hear what he had to tell us:



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