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Margaret showing off her food hygiene certificate

Margaret’s career opportunities have been boosted, now that she’s successfully completed her Level 2 Food Hygiene And Safety course.

Like so many of us, after two years of Covid lockdowns, Margaret was left feeling quite low and lacking in motivation; “I was out of work, feeling lousy and had very little confidence,” she says.

She was a participant on the Restart Scheme in Wigan and her career coach there, managed to find her a voluntary position helping out in a local tea-room. Margaret was keen to gain more qualifications so her coach referred her to the National Careers Service.

“It was suggested they might be able to help with my career progression, so I made an appointment and went to have a chat with one of their advisers, Ian, who was just wonderful!

“He suggested some online courses that would help add value to my CV, so I decided I’d like to take a look at the Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety course, as it would also be helpful for the volunteering I was doing in the tea-room.”

Margaret is all smiles after receiving her Food Safety certificateMargaret, from Warrington, set about completing the course with the backing of her mum and the team at the tea-room. “Every time I went in, I would ask the chef another question and mum would sit with me as I went through the course to give me moral support,” she says.

“My whole ‘being’ changed, now that I had something to work towards,” she continues, “everyone said they could see a difference in me. My confidence improved and I felt like I had a purpose again.”

What a feeling!

Two weeks later and Margaret received the news she’d been waiting for. She scored 100% on the course and her certificate arrived!

“Mum and I just danced around the room! I couldn’t believe I’d managed to get 100%. What a great feeling!”

Margaret’s voluntary work has now come to an end at the tea-room but she’s a lot more positive about her future: “I’ve added this certificate to my CV and uploaded the new details to all the job search sites. I’m sure this will help open doors and get me a paid job.”

And her National Careers Service adviser, Ian, has this to say: “Margaret is so enthusiastic and motivated to move forward with her career now, and I love that she has kept me updated on her progress over the last few weeks.

“It was lovely receiving her photograph of her holding her certificate and I look forward to supporting her further in the future.”

So what’s next for Margaret?

“I really want to get away from the benefit system. I want to be able to pay my own way, meet new people and learn new skills, I want to do more online courses, and with the help that National Careers Service continues to provide, I hope I will be in a paid job very soon.”

“I’ve told so many of my friends how much I’ve been helped by National Careers Service, I’ve told them they should go and have a word with them too. National Careers Service is just the best!”

Congratulations Margaret!

If, like Margaret, you’d like a bit of support to achieve your career goal, just pick up the phone (Monday – Saturday) and give us a call on 0800 100 900. And for even more guidance and support, visit our website at



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