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 Rukshanda wanted to share her experience of the National Careers Service and how it gave her a sense of achievement


“In April this year, I registered with the National Careers Service in Oldham; I didn’t realise this would be the start of my journey. I attended my first meeting with Careers Adviser, Subetara. Until this point, I had only worked in warehouse roles in the logistics sector for around 12 years; I wanted to do something different and didn’t know where to start. However, I knew I was interested in working within customer service.

“While talking to me and realising my personality, they referred me to Assess Oldham for work experience, which I absolutely loved; this built my confidence and gave me the work experience I needed for my CV and application forms. I was looking and applying for jobs when I saw positions in the Civil Service. I applied for the EO (Executive Officer) role, and I got it! I have been working for five weeks now, and I absolutely love my new role.”

Subetara, her careers adviser wanted to add, “On the day we spoke in April ’23, she was feeling frustrated and was losing confidence due to not being successful in her job search.

“After a candid conversation, I realised Rukshanda is very well-spoken, well-mannered individual with eagerness to learn and looking to change her career path. That is when I suggested that she does volunteering whilst searching for jobs as this will open doors for her.

“In my recent conversation with Rukshanda, she told me that she is extremely proud of her achievement and loving her job.”

Rukshanda added; ” I wanted to say a huge thank you to the National Career Service for all the help and support l received. Keep doing excellent work!”

We wish Rukshanda the very best of luck for the future. We just know she will achieve even more amazing things.

And if you’ve been inspired by Rukshanda’s story and would like more information on how we can support YOU, just give us a call on 0800 100 900 or visit our website at



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