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Penny the Dog being held by her dog groomer Melissa

Another in our series looking at various career paths. This time we meet Penny the dog and Melissa the Dog Groomer.

Do you love working with animals? Have you ever considered all the different career paths you could take?

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We’ve been to take a look at the qualities and qualifications needed for one of those jobs.

Melissa, the owner of “Dogs in Curlers Boutique” in Denton, Greater Manchester, told us about her job and gave some advice to anyone considering becoming a dog groomer.

We joined her in the salon while she was grooming little Penny, from washing her to the final cut and she explained that her inspiration to start this career began as a child when she sat and plaited her own dog’s hair.

To find out more about Melissa’s story and how to enter the career, click on the image below.

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