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Cover photo of Angela featuring before and after photos and the 1st impressions logo

Seetec in Swindon partnered with Bath based, 1st Impressions to help our participants get interview ready

Seetec in Swindon have partnered with 1st Impressions to help support women by giving them an interview ready makeover. 

Bath based 1st Impressions, a Community Interest Organisation operate pop-up boutiques to help women throughout the South-West and South Wales 

Seetec in Swindon held an event to mark the partnership on the 20th of June 2024.

A group of participants attended on the day and each participant were able to try on some interview outfits, and get expert fashion advice from the 1st impressions stylists. 

The outfits were gifted to the ladies to help them feel confident about going to an interview and back to work. 

A photo of Angela dressed casually prior to the interview makeover A supportive and welcoming environment

Forty-five-year-old Angela is one of the participants who took part in this event.

She joined Seetec on the Work and Health Programme – Pioneer in February 2024.

Due to a redundancy in October 2023, Angela found herself out of work and lacking in confidence.

Angela felt nervous when she first joined Seetec but soon realised that it was a supportive and welcoming environment.

Since joining she has received support from our Pluss wellbeing coach, Olivia who provides group and one-to-one wellbeing sessions.

Angela learnt about 1st Impressions from her employment advisor Charlie at Seetec. Charlie introduced 1st Impressions to Angela so they could help with clothing.



A photo of Angela after the 1st Impressions interview makeover
Happy, positive and upbeat

It was perfect timing for Angela, she had an interview coming up and was keen to attend and get involved.

Angela tells us; “I came in and was greeted by the 1st Impressions team, they made me feel at ease.  her to

“They had a few outfits ready for me to try, it was a very friendly and inviting experience”. 

The outfits were pre-selected by stylist Amanda and based on some questions that Angela had answered prior to this event. 

Angela tried on both outfits and received lots of compliments from the other participants at the event which made her feel good about herself. 

Angela says; “I came out feeling happy, positive and upbeat about going to interviews and I had one coming up too!”

A photo of Amanda, a stylist at 1st Impressions
We empower them

Voluntary stylist, Amanda describes these events as both very fun and emotional because ‘it’s exciting to see the transformation happen’.

Amanda (pictured left) and Denise tell us; “Our founder, Jane, started 1st Impressions in 2021 to support women by dressing them for interviews”.

There is passion in Amanda’s voice as she continues; “It’s amazing to see the ladies transform into powerful-looking women, we empower them.”

Amanda and Denise, regularly attend job fairs and work with employability providers to reach women who require support with clothing. 

She tells us; “We also offer interview, CV and general wellbeing support. It’s a great offer for women.”

Nikka, team leader for Seetec says; “This opportunity improves the service our participants in Swindon receive, thank you 1st Impressions.”

Can you help?A photo of Denise, she is a director at 1st Impressions

Angela and Denise (pictured right) attended this Seetec event, they are both unpaid volunteers. 

Can you help? 1st Impressions are able to operate because of donations of both clothes and cash. 

To support 1st Impressions please donate via this link: 1st Impressions (Bath) | supporting women | Bath, UK

For support with getting prepared for an interview, and to find out how Work and Health Programme Pioneer can help you, just follow this link: Want help to get into work? – Seetec Pluss.

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