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Rachel holding a acrd that reads "I'm working"

Being a neurodivergent individual with mental health barriers, Rachel set her sights on self-employment or a job that would work for her.

Twenty-two-year-old, Rachel, from Cornwall joined Work and Health Programme Pioneer in March 2024.

Working together with her employment coach, Dawn, Rachel explored the ideas of becoming a self-employed dog-walker, artist or a driver/post-person.

With her job goals set, Rachel was quick to find a dog-walker role and a post-person job in quick succession.

Dawn helped Rachel to contact the dog walking business and, on that same day, Rachel was offered an interview.

Dawn tells us: “Rachel cannot always find the right words during interviews, so we helped her to highlight her strengths within a letter.”  

The letter explained that, with time and confidence, Rachel’s communication skills tend to improve.

Having a purpose

After a successful interview, Rachel started working as a self-employed dog-walker.

She continues to receive self-employment support from Seetec.

Now full of confidence, Rachel wants independence and she’s exploring the idea of moving into her own home.

Rachel tells us; “I used to be worried that I would not be able to keep a job, but I have. I like having a purpose, this all makes me positive about the future.”

If you need a hand finding a job that fits your situation, please visit: Want help to get into work? – Seetec Pluss

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