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Picture of Kian tattooing and of S-Line Studios shop front
Twenty-year-old, Kian, from Swindon joined Work and Health Programme Pioneer in March 2024 with ambitions of becoming a tattoo artist. 

He told his employment advisor, Charlie, about his passion for tattooing and his ambition to become a tattoo artist.

Charlie tells us; “It was clear to see how passionate Kian is about tattoos and his artwork was simply stunning!”

She continues; “I suggested volunteering and he was open to the idea but didn’t feel confident contacting tattoo shops.”

When Charlie told Kian that she could broker a placement for him, he asked if she could contact S-Line Studios.

Determined to help him, Charlie contacted Shanice from S-Line Studios and arranged a two-week voluntary placement for Kian.

His artwork is brilliant

Shanice Tucker, owner of S-Line Studios in Swindon, hosted Kian for his voluntary placement.

She tells us; “It’s been a pleasure to have Kian with us, I’m really impressed with how well he’s fitted in with the S-Line team.

“His artwork is brilliant. He has a steady hand and I feel that he is as good as some qualified artists out there”.

We asked Shanice about her own journey to becoming a tattoo artist and how she gained experience, she told us; “I was very lucky, my partner at the time was a tattoo artist and my father and grandfather were tattoo artists too.

“When Charlie from Seetec got in touch suggesting a voluntary placement, I instantly loved the idea of giving something back and being able to help young Kian on his journey.”

Amazing experience

After spending two weeks at S-Line Studios, Kian’s confidence has grown and he’s more determined to become a tattoo artist.

During his placement he was given the opportunity to observe and learn from some brilliant local tattoo artists.

Kian says; “I’ve had an amazing experience at S-Line Studios and it has definitely improved my skills and confidence”.

He lavishes praise on the artists at S-Line Studios, telling us; “they were very welcoming and it was really easy to get along with everyone.”

Kian goes on to tell us about his experience of Seetec; “I have had incredible help from Seetec in such a short space of time.”

He continues; “they have gone far out of their way to make it as comfortable and easy for me as possible”.

Charlie has suggested the idea of S-Line Studios bringing Kian on board as an apprentice and Shanice is considering it.

Volunteer opportunities in the tattoo industry are quite rare, but they can pave the way to a dream career.

Well done Kian and Charlie and thank you to Shanice and team at S-Line Studios for providing this amazing opportunity.

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