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During a local engagement meeting with Jobcentre Plus and Seetec Pluss in February 2021, we realised both referral and ‘referral to job-start’ conversion rates were lower than we would have liked. We therefore identified the need to work even more closely together.

Since February, we’ve held three virtual case conferences, and already we’ve seen referral rates double in numbers and conversion rates go from strength to strength.

A typical case conference lasts about an hour and brings together all the Seetec Pluss employment coaches that are working with participants, and two Jobcentre Plus special point of contact’s and a team leader from Exeter.

During the case conference we look at the reasons why a participant hasn’t started on programme, and discuss the regularity and content of our conversations with our participants. This then supports Jobcentre Plus to have additional meaningful communications with participants. These intimate conversations ensure consistent services to our participants and demonstrates that we are all on the same page. The case conferences are also a great platform to feedback good news stories and discuss all the different types of support we can offer people to move closer to the labour market.

Jane, Work Coach for Jobcentre Plus in Devon and Cornwall, explains how the magic works. “The Seetec Pluss change coaches aim is to assist our participants to change one small thing about their lives that can completely transform their lives for the better”, says Jane. “ To begin with, the DWP Work Coach will identify participants who need a little bit of extra support – they may have lost confidence or be struggling with anxiety due to the global affect that Covid19 has inflicted upon so many.

“After discussion, the DWP Work Coach will put the participant forward and then the magic formula of tailoring a programme specifically to support the participant to the point that they can become confident and once again feel in control of their life.

“The upshot of this marvellous marriage between Seetec Pluss and the Department of Work and Pensions is that both are absolutely focused on enabling the participant to achieve the very best outcome for themselves”.

Marise Mackie, Regional Manager for Seetec Pluss in Devon and Cornwall, added “This wonderful partnership supports our participants to achieve their ultimate goals of employment. With the participant, Jobcentre Plus and Seetec Pluss all working towards the same objective, it’s just like the perfect triangle”

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The Work and Health Programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

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