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Leon Milner, an employment advisor working on the Isle of Wight is one of our latest Going the Extra Mile (GEM) Award winners. 

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Seetec present monthly GEM awards to individuals who are nominated for excelling in one or more of our five company values.

Leon recently won a Seetec GEM Award under the nomination category of ‘We Act Like Owners’.

One of the many reasons for his nomination is that Leon has a very high participant engagement rate, each participant that meets him wants to come back because they feel special, supported and know that he has their best interests at heart.   

We chatted to Leon to find out more about him, and what makes him an exemplary employment advisor at employee owned Seetec.

Fun fact 

To break the ice, we ask him to tell us a fun fact about himself, Leon dives straight in to tell us that he wrote a supernatural mystery novel during the COVID lockdown. 

“I have a self published a novel on Amazon, I would like to say it’s been a huge best-seller,” he tells us light heartedly, before continuing; “Let me rephrase that, it’s been a best-seller with my family buying the books!”

Who inspires Leon?

It’s clear from his GEM Award nomination that Leon is doing some amazing work and that he is an inspiration to both Seetec colleagues and participants too.  

So, who inspires Leon?

He starts by telling us; “My inspirations are always evolving, but recently I have been focusing on resilience with my participants and as part of this we’ve been discussing historical figures who have demonstrated exceptional resilience”.

Leon’s list of inspirational people include:

  • Nelson Mandela as a profound example of resilience 
  • Tanni Grey-Thompson for highlighting the power of perseverance and the importance of finding solutions rather than focusing on problems
  • Emily Pankhurst for her steadfast commitment to women’s rights 
  • Ernest Shackleton for leadership and resilience in the face of adversity 
  • Viktor Frankl, whose experiences and philosophical contributions underscore the human capacity for resilience and finding meaning, even in the darkest of times
This job is truly amazing

To dig a little deeper, we ask Leon what he loves about his job and he tells us; “I get the opportunity to help people who may have fallen through the gaps in life, been overlooked or whose potential has been missed”. 

Leon continues; “This job is truly amazing, watching someone with a lack of skills or confidence start to follow their dreams is incredibly rewarding and I love organising the support they need. Observing them as they rediscover that spark is a truly fulfilling experience”. 

Leon holds the belief that if each person makes the effort to help another, we can collectively make a significant difference for the better. He tells us; “This job allows me to be a part of that positive change, and that’s what I love about it”.     

I wanted to help my community and my island

Before working for Seetec, his employment background spanned across retail sales and management, working for big brand names such as Maplins and Sony.

Leon also managed a shopping centre on the Isle of Wight which included a bar, cafe and a post office too. 

Seeking a change from working purely for profits, Leon set his sights on finding a job that enabled him to do more, as he tells us; “I wanted to help my community and my island” and this realisation marked the beginning of his journey as an employment advisor for Seetec. 

Leon recognises the ability to make real change through his work; “I support local businesses by connecting them to employees, assist local organisations by providing them volunteers and connect participants to colleges for training and apprenticeships too.

“Every day I come to work knowing that I can make a difference to peoples lives and that’s what drive me”.

I am making a difference in peoples lives
Leon's photos of the Isle of Wight Festival

Other than working for Seetec, Leon also works as an artist liaison at the Isle of Wight Festival’s ‘Electrolove’ stage, he has a history of working at festivals including Bestival and also has his own home studio where he’s learning to play the guitar.

Leon loves a challenge and believes we all need goals in life, it’s evident from this piece that he has many accomplishments to date and when asked about his greatest accomplishment, he simply says; “I will always cherish the bronze gymnastics medal I won when I was six, but my greatest achievement is knowing I am making a difference in people’s lives.” 

When asked about his experience of the culture and environment at Seetec, Leon tells us; “Colleagues are always ready to share their knowledge and lend a helping hand, this fosters a strong sense of community and teamwork”. 

“This collaborative spirit, combined with the satisfaction of seeing tangible results from our efforts, makes Seetec a truly great place to work.”

Leon’s passion, determination and hunger to help others makes him a deserving GEM award winner.

It’s coming home!

Finally, moving on to current affairs, we switch to the main sporting topic of the summer, the Euro’s that are being hosted in Germany.

We asked Leon who he’s backing at this years Euro’s and his response was “England!”

“However,” he continues, “I would like it noted that I answered this question before the England vs Slovenia game!”

 It seems clear that Leon believes that it’s coming home!

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