Image of 3 people, left Sam Maddocks (Employment Adviser), centre Carol (our participant) and right Debra Howarth (Employability Trainer) pictured at the CMT Services office.

After working in the retail sector for many years, Carol wanted to make a career change.

Fifty-Seven-year old, Carol wanted to work directly supporting young people, but she was unsure about her next steps.

When she met with her CMT Services employment adviser Sam, Carol felt at ease to talk to him.

CMT Services deliver the Restart Scheme in Taunton on behalf of Seetec.

She told him that she was facing mental health challenges and needed support with making a career change too.

Sam listened to her and his initial advice for Carol was to attend health and wellbeing sessions. 

As she grew in confidence and her mental health improved, Carol felt she could now focus on her employability skills.

She attended CV and interview training sessions with employability trainer Debra and also completed online courses about mental health in the care sector.

I could accomplish anything

The impact of the support given to Carol was clear to see as she started to attend job club sessions for help with her job seeking activities.

Carol says; “Sam and Debra supported me in sessions and over the phone too”. 

She praises CMT Services,  telling us; “They made me feel that I could accomplish anything I put my mind to”.

Sam tells us; “Carol’s confidence and self-belief started shining through and she started applying for jobs in the care sector”.

When a well-known youth charity offered her an interview, Carol felt ready and well prepared for it.

After her interview, Carol felt that she had answered the questions very well and got a ‘good vibe’ from the employer.

When the job offer came, Carol was very pleased to accept it.

Fantastic safety net

Carol goes on to summarise her journey as she says; “I’m now working full-time in a very challenging, yet rewarding role and I look forward to making a successful career of it”

She describes the Restart Scheme as; “A fantastic safety net with non-judgemental staff who have the right toolkit to encourage and support you”.

Debra adds; “Carol was very dedicated to improving herself and very clear about her goals”.

She reflects on Carol’s career change; “We are delighted that she has secured the role she really wanted, it’s fantastic!”

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