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A photo of Adam standing in front of a white background.

Single father of two; Adam from Somerset was referred to the Restart Scheme in late 2023 

Adam didn’t have a CV and the worry of finding a parent-friendly employer left him facing a mental health challenge.

His employment adviser, Alison, helped Adam with a placement at local charity, CV and interview skills support and assisted job searching at job club.

It was clear to see Adam’s confidence was growing and there was a noticeable improvement in his mental health too.

He refused to give up and kept on searching for that perfect, parent friendly role.

Childcare was always the issue

Adam’s persistence paid off when he landed a kitchen assistant role at a local school.

This was the perfect solution for his childcare commitments and his job goal of working in the hospitality sector too.

Adam tells us “My employer is very accommodating and; the hours are perfect for my son’s school hours. I’ve secured a place at the ‘Breakfast Club’, which means I can start work early, and be back for the end of the school day. 

His employment adviser, Alison said “Adam showed persistence in his efforts to get himself back into work. Childcare was always the issue, but his determination finally paid off.”

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