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Yasmin turned to The National Careers Service for some help and guidance when she left university. She wanted to become self-employed and had an idea for her ideal job. Working with The National Careers Service has helped her realise that dream.


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Yasmin was referred to The National Careers Service by her work coach at her local Job Centre. She met with one of our advisers, Lisa, who helped and supported her to make decisions on which direction she wanted to follow.

“When I left Uni, I had an idea that I would end up working in a clinical, sterile environment, but as I progressed and developed, I realised that I wanted something more,” Yasmin tells us.

“Something that makes the client feel really comfortable,” she says.

So when a friend offered her a space to turn into a more ‘homely’ practice, Yasmin jumped at the chance.

All the free support and guidance offered by The National Careers Service is tailored to individual circumstances and, in Yasmin’s case, she was able to benefit from Lisa’s own previous experiences too:

“I’ve 20+ years background in PR,” says Lisa, “so this was something I believed I could use to help Yasmin achieve her goals.

“Yasmin had the skills – and was now qualified to turn this into a career and business – but we also discussed publicity and how to market the business.

“Our first meeting turned into a brain-storming session, talking about Yasmin’s target market and how she could reach out.”

Sharing ideas

“One idea, for example, was for her to contact local businesses who had healthcare policies in place for their employees but weren’t aware they can claim back for alternative and complimentary treatments,” says Lisa.

“As a Progression Adviser, it’s great to see how Yasmin’s vision has come to fruition.”

📹 Take a look at the video to find out more about Yasmin, her business and the help she has received from Lisa and The National Careers Service.

Yasmin and Lisa are still in touch and The National Careers Service will continue to offer support and guidance.

You can check out Yasmin’s Facebook page HERE. 

If  Yasmin’s story has inspired you, and you would like more information about the support and guidance we can offer, give us a call on 0800 100 900 or visit our website at



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