Within 30 days of your referral from Jobcentre Plus to the Restart Scheme, we will arrange your first face-to-face meeting with us.

This will help us get to know each other so we can understand your current situation to give you the support that you want and need. We will also agree the actions we will both take to help you on your journey into work.

We call this the ‘Discovery’ meeting and this will usually be held at your local office.

On arrival, you will meet an Engagement Coach (EC) who will welcome you to the Restart Scheme, the EC will complete the initial stages of your Discovery meeting.

They will also give you a tour of our site, facilities and provide you with an induction pack.

Below is an overview of the Discovery meeting in a little more detail…



We will need to start with a quick ID check (National Insurance / right to work ID) so please bring this evidence with you.  If you don’t have any right to work ID, please don’t worry, we can always arrange for this to be ordered.

We will also complete an employment status check. This is just to make sure that you are not currently being paid for any employment or self-employment as this may prevent you from joining us.


We will discuss your domestic situation, any child care or other caring requirements, travel expenses and any other areas that may concern you while you are with us.


The EC will then introduce you to your allocated Employment Advisor (EA) who will complete the remainder of the Discovery meeting.

Together with you,  your EA will explore your goals, motivations and challenges, and assess your initial job readiness for employment.

We will create an initial ‘Smart Action Plan’ which will include some work preparation activities for you to complete for your next appointment.



We will give you an overview of your next appointment and the Diagnostic Assessment tool that we will use to help us decide what our next steps will be to give you the best experience with us.

Your next appointment with us will be within 10 working days of your first visit.

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