Our team in Bath have been working alongside Bath College to build the confidence and skills of our participants on the Restart Scheme.


The 10-week ‘Momentum’ course was focused on men and they worked on activities such as teambuilding, progression pathways and simply having the confidence to leave the house and meet new people.

The trainer from Bath College who led the course, explained more, “We started with 9 men aged between 24 and 65, and some of those didn’t want to be there at the start. However those same people came week after week and said that they were glad they did. In the end, 8 out of the 9 men completed the course which in itself was a great achievement.

“We talked about the importance of understanding ourselves; our values, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures, aspirations, experience, transferable skills etc, as well as healthy habits and routines, confidence, resilience, perseverance and problem-solving.

“The teambuilding activities in a small group worked well and seemed to help them to grow in confidence. We completed SMART goals, both for the course and post-course, as well as a SWOT analysis and we looked at our ‘go-to excuses’ and how to get out of our comfort zones.

“Towards the end, we looked at progression pathways such as employment, additional courses, volunteering and business start-up. We finished off with final class presentations where people shared why they came onto the course, what they got from it and what they intend to do next as a result of it. It was a hugely positive experience for people, whether giving them a better idea of what to do next or simply having the confidence to get out of the house and meet people. Throughout the course, I met each of them on a one-to-one basis to check in and help them make decisions to pursue their dreams and goals.”

Here are some comments from some of the participants that took part in the Momentum course:

  • “Before completing Momentum, I was stuck at home, struggling to leave the house due to anxiety. I signed up for the course to improve my confidence and by attending every week and being encouraged to contribute, I felt my confidence slowly improving. I now feel ready to take my next steps in returning to work.”- Stephen, 40.
  • “The course has been informative and helpful, I have enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and relaxed presenting style. During the course, I learnt that I have leadership skills that I never knew I had.”- Andrew
  • “It was enjoyable and it has given me a new job idea.”- Michael, 62.
  • “Good course, excellent presenter.”- Peter

Thank you to Bath College for partnering with us for this fantastic opportunity for our participants! They have been a huge part of beginning to change the lives of these men. #NoOneLeftBehind

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