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Read how National Careers Service helped job seeker use digital tools to find a new job in the catering industry 

Janice, a 63-year-old woman with a background in caregiving, approached her local National Careers Service in Taunton with aspirations of transitioning into the catering industry.

Despite her wealth of experience, Janice faced a significant hurdle in her job search journey – her unfamiliarity with online job applications and not owning a computer

Challenges faced

Janice’s lack of computer ownership left her feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of navigating online job portals.

She also felt unconfident about updating her CV to reflect her transferable skills and relevant experience in catering.

Janice said; “Dare I say, for my age group, using digital tools and online job websites is a massive stumbling block for searching and finding jobs.

“However, my careers adviser, Clare, was so helpful and made the process a lot less overwhelming.

“I am so grateful for her support and invaluable guidance.” 

Solution provided

Clare, a dedicated National Careers Service adviser in Taunton, recognised Janice’s potential and swiftly arranged a personalised appointment to provide her with the guidance she needed.

During their session, Clare meticulously worked with Janice to update her CV, ensuring it effectively highlighted her experience and transferable skills applicable to the catering industry.

Job Search
Empowering Janice

Understanding Janice’s apprehension towards online job applications, Clare patiently guided her through the process step-by-step.

Clare demonstrated how to upload her new CV to various job sites and navigate the intricacies of online job applications using Janice’s smartphone.

With Clare’s expert assistance, Janice gained the confidence and skills necessary to navigate the digital landscape of job searching.

Armed with an updated CV and newfound proficiency in online job applications, Janice embarked on her career transition journey with renewed optimism and determination.


Without the support of Clare and the National Careers Service, Janice says she would have struggled to overcome the digital barrier hindering her career transition.

Clare’s patient guidance not only equipped Janice with practical skills but also instilled her with the confidence to embrace new opportunities in the catering industry at the age of 63.


Janice not only conquered her fear of online applications but also secured a position in her desired field, working at her local Marks and Spencer bakery department.

Her story serves as inspiration for others facing similar challenges, showcasing the transformative power of personalised support from the National Careers Service.

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