Chloe’s story, supported by our delivery partner in Somerset, CMT Services

Chloe started on the Restart Scheme in July 2022, and had been out of work since 2019. When Chloe first went to CMT Services, she was not in a very good place. Chloe is a single parent, who had been evicted from her accommodation, and sharing a small home with her sister and 4 other children. She felt very low and couldn’t see a way out, but was determined to improve her job prospects.

Following a discussion with her Employment Adviser, a support plan was put in place to help Chloe with her housing situation and wellbeing, as well as support her with job searching, applications and interview techniques.

Chloe has faced many barriers along her journey. As well as childcare, she has had to battle with her anxiety and depression, which would overwhelm her. She always attended her appointments and kept in contact if she was unable to come in.

Throughout her time on the Restart Scheme, Chloe never stopped looking for work. Her determination to improve her housing situation, mental health and gaining paid employment was pulpable. She thoroughly enjoyed the Zing course; these were group sessions on cooking nutritiously and on a budget. Chloe, said the interaction with others and the learning really built her confidence.

After numerous job applications and interviews, Chloe successfully gained a part time position, as a cleaner, in Pizza Express. It is lovely to see Chloe come in with a spring in her step and a more positive outlook. Chloe is close to having her own place and is looking to increase her hours as more nursery hours will become available.

Chloe said, “I felt that they listened and treated me as an individual, not just a single Mum. I am now more confident in so many ways!” #NoOneLeftBehind

In partnership with CMT Services. The Restart Scheme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Area: Somerset

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