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Read how National Careers Adviser, Maggie, helps job seeker find her dream job.


Why did you contact the National Careers Service?


“I was recommended by Cornwall council that there was a local National Careers Service, and I should really talk to them, and that they had a local careers adviser that would be useful in talking about my career and qualification options and what to do going forward. And that’s where I was introduced to Maggie, the National Careers adviser for Cornwall. And I am so glad I did. ”


How did the National Careers Service adviser help you?


“Maggie, my careers adviser, took everything on board about what I said, how I felt, where I am in my career and what I would like to be doing in the future. She took the time to listen, and she was not judgemental at all. It was just fantastic, and you immediately know that this person is going to be somebody who will be able to help you.


When I relayed my experiences in job searching with Maggie, she was able to give me relevant and practical advice. She understood my needs, and was able to match them with opportunities at a local level. I was able to use the resources on the National Careers Service website. And we also looked how we could update my CV and make it more polished and highlight the skills and qualifications I have. ” 


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How have you followed their advice?

“We also spoke about an action plan. Which was of enormous help, and Maggie was very hands-on helping create a list of priorities and goals. I have tried to stay focused on the action plan we discussed, with the hope that I can work in an administrative position going forward as well as gain new qualifications.”

What has happened since then?

“I have now been accepted for an apprenticeship position with Cornwall Council starting at the beginning of May 2024. I am so excited to be given this opportunity to bring out the skills I have in this area and to gain qualifications at the end of the course.”


What has been the best thing about contacting the National Careers Service?

“My confidence has improved so much and to have all this support and then been successful in getting a job has been amazing.


I am so glad I contacted the National Careers Service. I think it’s a hidden treasure really. Also, their website contains so much useful information, practical guidance, and tips. But it was having a dedicate careers adviser as well to guide me which opened so many doors. The whole point of trying to get people back to work whatever stage you are in your career is so useful.


I would highly recommend the National Careers Service to anyone who is looking for a change of career, or like me if you have moved to a new area and want to get expert advice about the local employment and education opportunities to talk to the National Careers Service.”




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