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Dreaming of a long term career

“I was introduced to the JETS scheme through my DWP employment advisor back in October 2020, just after it had first been announced as extra support offered to those struggling with employment due to COVID.

“Being out of work felt both very demotivating and intimidating. As a recent University graduate, I was hearing lots of daunting figures about how the past year had been the worst year for graduate employment, so I considered my job searches to be pretty bleak!

“I was also feeling very lacklustre about potentially accepting a job on the basis that I simply needed to be working and earning, rather than accepting a job that I was interested in pursuing as a career path.

Support in all the right areas

“My employment advisor immediately gave me the extra support that I needed in my job search, took all my concerns on-board and helped me search for roles that matched my CV and my personal aspirations.

“I was offered 1:1 CV and cover letter workshops, which was critical for me at this time as I was applying for jobs that required cover letters, yet I had no experience or knowledge of writing them.

“My Employment Advisor supported me and allowed me to develop the confidence to apply for a wide range of jobs, even if on a first impression I felt I was slightly underqualified for the role.

Job opportunities galore!

“The support of frequent check-ins over email and telephone call resulted in rapid progress, and after just a few months, I secured an interview for a civil service role, and was offered employment in another! My Employment Advisor gave me advice on how to prepare for a civil service-based interview and continued to check in with me and support me throughout the process.

“Having since recently accepted a position within the civil service it is without a doubt that I was able to confidently apply for the role because of the support I had received through the JETS scheme.

“Not only did my Employment Advisor support me, but she made me feel as if no question were a silly question, and that I could reach out to her at any time regarding employment issues and she would help me as best she could.

A whole new chapter

“I will soon be starting my new role as an Admin Officer in the Biometric Immigration Document Management Unit with the Home Office. This is exactly the type of role I saw myself in post-graduation, so am feeling very excited to be entering a role that will allow me to develop the skills needed for a career in working for government organisations in the public sector.”

An amazing good news story that really encapsulates what JETS is all about. Congratulations Eleanor! We wish you all the very best in your new role and for your future.

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The Work and Health JETS Programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

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