Restart Scheme participant Dan in his chef's gear

When Dan came to our Seetec Salisbury office for his first Restart Scheme appointment, he could hardly walk a few steps. Now he is back to the work he loves, cooking up independence and planning treats for his family!  
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Dan, who has been a chef for most of his working life, faced a long road to recovery after complex surgery on his ankle. 

He had to give up work and didn’t know whether he would ever recover enough to get back to any sort of employment, but especially in a fast-paced professional kitchen. 

With little looking likely to change soon, the uncertainty took quite a toll on Dan’s mental health and confidence.

When he joined the Restart Scheme, Dan had already been out of work for more than a year and was still struggling to picture a way back to the job he loves. 

Change of mindset

Dan says the coaching from his employment adviser, Adrian, and encouragement from the whole Seetec Pluss team in Salisbury, transformed his mindset. 

Dan beams; “Joining Seetec Pluss on the Restart Scheme is the best thing I have ever done!” 

With intensive help from the team at Seetec Salisbury, Dan started to see a way back to the work he loves.

By January he was able to think clearly again about what he can do rather than focussing only on what he couldn’t. As it turned out, with preparation and self-care strategies, he could do far more than he imagined! 

Adrian helped Dan to find the perfect job vacancy as a breakfast chef at The Stones Hotel in Salisbury. A role with potential to grow with him as he recovers even further. 

At interview Dan demonstrated his skills by serving up some delicious eggs. He was very quickly snapped up for the job!

You can discover more about the Restart Scheme on our website: 💻  Seetec Pluss


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“Being back in work has completely changed me from a grumpy old man to a very happy old man
who can do what he wants!” – Dan
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