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Radu proudly showing off that he 'got the job'

“Seetec got me back to the career I left 11 years ago.
This is a turning point for me. I am excited!” 


Back in Romania, Radu holds full technical draftsman qualifications, but when he relocated it proved difficult to transfer his skills to the UK labour market.

He worked  long-term as an archive operative but eventually had to stop work due to a worsening back problem. He felt his employers didn’t care about his safety and were unwilling to support him.

To prioritise his own health, as he left that job for the final time, Radu made a promise to himself that he would not do another ‘job in safety shoes’!

Radu started by job-searching independently. He had made the decision to take the time to get the right job, but Radu still found that his 5-10 applications a week were rarely getting responses.

“I was picky at the start,” Radu explained “but when I started to run out of money, I began approaching agencies. Even then I kept being told there was just so little around.”

Along came Seetec

Radu came across the Swindon Seetec team at a jobs fair. He self-referred to the Pioneer programme for support in getting his job search moving.

“In one week I had three job options!” recalls Radu. “I was able to get back into agency work quickly just to pay the bills whilst continuing to take steps towards my ideal career plan.”

With his immediate financial security taken care of, the team also helped Radu to get his technical qualifications transferred and recognised in the UK.

Radu further benefitted from funding for an Auto CAD (Computer-Aided Design)training course to update his knowledge and confidence.

As a specialist professional, relevant job vacancies can be limited. So alongside his temporary job-role, Radu continued to access interview preparation and training with the Seetec team. 

He was determined to be ready for his chance as soon as it might pop up.

Jennie and Charli from Seetec's Swindon office“The team did exactly what they promised,” Radu smiled, “I was now qualified and so well prepared for interviews that I almost felt confident!”

A dream job

Determined not to let Radu settle for the wrong long-term role again, advisers Charlie and Jennie (pictured) from the Pioneer team at Seetec kept up the momentum in his job-search throughout his time in temporary agency work.

They reached out to their employer network and advocated for Radu at every opportunity.

Before long, Radu was shortlisted for just the opportunity he had worked towards. The interviewer saw his value and offered him the job. 

He is now working in a new CAD designer role!

His job is the perfect fit for his ambitions, skills, qualifications and experience.

Best of all for Radu… No safety boots are needed!

“This is my dream job and it came directly through Seetec. I would never even have had chance to apply if it weren’t for Jennie’s connections. I am very grateful!”


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