The Teignmouth Rugby Club has experienced a significant transformation in the past six months, thanks to the leadership and strategic approach of former Army Staff Officer Mark Brookfield.

After serving thirty-four years in the military, including a recent position at Army Headquarters, Mark took over as the leader of the rugby club in November 2021. He recognized the importance of building the club from its foundations to achieve its goals, especially after the challenges brought by the pandemic.

To achieve this goal, Mark enrolled his team in the Open up to Skills Initiative offered by Devon County Council and delivered by Seetec Pluss. The initiative provides free training opportunities for employees in the county, and Mark took advantage of the programme by enrolling his staff in a Food Hygiene and First Aid course, fully funded by the initiative.

Remarkable transformation

The training has significantly improved the skills and professionalism of the club’s employees, and Mark believes that investing in the workforce has both short-term and long-term advantages for the club’s future.

Mark’s strategic approach has paid off, and the Teignmouth Rugby Club has seen a remarkable transformation in just six months. The club is now poised for a brighter future, thanks to the dedication and leadership of Mark and his team.

Janet Francis, Employer and Learner Executive for Seetec Pluss, explained how the initiative has helped the club and the wider community: “Supporting Teignmouth Rugby Club through the Open up to Skills initiative has been fantastic.

“Not only have we supported Mark’s team members and volunteers to upskill, but we’ve also used the site to deliver training to the wider hospitality community in the area.”

Looking ahead

The success of Teignmouth Rugby Club demonstrates the value of investing in employees and the positive impact that training and upskilling can have on an organisation. Looking ahead, Mark has big plans for the club’s development and expansion, and he sees the training his staff have completed as crucial to that continued progress.

He is planning to take the club to the next level in the coming years, with plans for a new clubhouse and an expansion of its operations. He explained how the training his staff completed is crucial to that continued progress:

“We want to build a new clubhouse and expand its operations, starting with a café, where those staff members who have completed the Food Hygiene course can start work straight away in the kitchen.”

As restrictions have eased, the sector has slowly started to recover, but many businesses are still facing significant challenges and uncertainties. The Open up to Skills initiative by Devon County Council and delivered by Seetec Pluss has been a crucial support for businesses and employees in the hospitality sector, providing free training and upskilling opportunities to help businesses adapt and succeed in these challenging times.

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