This week marks Mental Health Awareness Week, an annual awareness-raising campaign run by the Mental Health Foundation, which is focused on issues around anxiety this year.

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health conditions we can face, and Seetec Pluss has been helping people in Launceston with various mental health issues to find their confidence.

One person who has benefited from this support is Paul Trent (58) from Launceston. He had been out of work for 10 years due to personal circumstances, anxiety, and stress. However, with support from Seetec Pluss, he has overcome significant challenges to build his confidence and gain meaningful employment.

Regained confidence

Paul was initially hesitant to engage with the Seetec Pluss team, finding it almost impossible to even come through their office door. However, with the support of his Employment Adviser, Paul fully engaged with a range of activities, including training, coaching, job club, and wellbeing support.

He was also able to attend a Gent’s Support Group each week, where he found great comfort in being able to share his experiences with other men.

Through his hard work and regained confidence, Paul was then invited to attend an interview and has been offered the job in a cleaning/maintenance role in a care home.

“I’ve come a long way”

Commenting on his journey, Paul said, “I’ve come a long way since starting to receive this support. Before, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to begin work and found engaging with others difficult due to anxiety and stress.

“With the support of my Employment Adviser at Seetec Pluss, and the local Gents Support Group, I’ve gained much more confidence, and I’m finally back in work after 10 years!”

Kirsty Furse, Employment Adviser at the Seetec Pluss team, said: “By supporting individuals with mental health challenges in finding work, we are not only helping improve their financial situations, but also their overall wellbeing and sense of purpose.

“As we continue this important work, we are reminded during Mental Health Awareness Week of the importance of breaking down stigmas and promoting understanding and support for those struggling with their mental health.”

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual campaign run by the Mental Health Foundation to raise awareness about mental health issues. The theme this year is focusing on anxiety – #ToHelpMyAnxiety – and hoping to increase people’s awareness and understanding. The campaign is also demanding change and improving mental health as a whole and providing an opportunity for those working in the field to showcase their work and progress.

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