Pictured: Cheryl and Shay, hosting a ‘cost-of-living’ breakfast event in Swindon.

The UK is currently facing a real cost-of-living crisis, meaning that the money that households are having to spend on food, electricity and fuel has increased beyond a manageable point for some.

The increase in prices became apparent in 2021, so by 2023 it is now critical, with many unable to afford to heat their homes or buy food.
The teams in Seetec Pluss couldn’t help but feel it was important to help however they could. They began working together to provide support and relief for their participants who need it.

Not alone

A member of the Plymouth team said, “it’s affecting our customers”, and so they launched a ‘Tea and Toast’ initiative for participants to come in and job search with – as titled – some tea and toast.

A crochet group was also set up for our participants, giving them a chance to increase social skills as well as providing warmth. These cold and testing days can often feel lonely, and so having the company of others can be of equal importance to learning skills.

The team in Salisbury have adapted their offices to provide things that are treated like luxuries but are necessities such as phone chargers and clothes. They even set up ‘Ask for Wendy’ which allows participants to take what they need without asking for it, they donated clothes and set up coat rails and shoes to be taken by anyone in need.

With the winter period being the most difficult for some, particularly around Christmas, the teams have organised raffles for the chance to win prizes such as slow cookers, steamers and food hampers.

Cost-of-living café 

In Swindon, a cost-of-living breakfast event was co-hosted with Swindon Citizen’s Advice supporting participants with information, advice and guidance.

The aim was to support those whose mental health was being affected due to being in debt or heading into debt by ensuring they are on the correct benefits and budgeting efficiently. It also encourages participant engagement and helping make those steps toward being work ready.

Shay, in Swindon, who co-hosted the event said, “For me Seetec Pluss is far more than just employability, we are helping our participants with improving their circumstances for the long term. It’s great that we have a network of partners who can support us in delivering events like our ‘Cost of Living Café’ and I’m glad that those who attended left with advice, signposting and some tangible support like the sim cards as it will help them to reduce their cost of living too”.

The future

As we continue to navigate our way through the current cost-of-living crisis, it’s important to know that there is help available. Whether that be guidance towards a job, or help with essential items our teams are here to provide support.

To find out more, or to speak to someone please visit our Contact page.

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