We are celebrating success with No Limits Café, a non-profit organisation that provides catering work experience to the Devon community, to break down barriers through training opportunities in Devon.

The Café’s learners have been on the Emergency First Aid and Accredited Food Safety courses gaining a certificate and have all achieved a 100% pass rate.

This training has already been put into action, as two of the learners who received the Emergency First Aid training had to subsequently carry out first aid on a customer, including running to get a defibrillator, cutting clothing, and calling an ambulance. Although the defibrillator was thankfully not required, the training these employees received instilled them with the confidence in what they were doing.

Speaking about the two learners, Amanda Pugh, Director of No Limits Café, said: “We are very proud of how they dealt with the situation, and it really does show how important this training is. You really never know when it may be required.”

Through this initiative, learners receive 1-2-1 support from a job coach, making the experience both educational and practical. The course is designed to break down barriers and empower learners with new skills, increasing their chances of finding meaningful employment.

The impact of No Limits Café’s work is felt throughout the community. They are proud to have a paid workforce where 42% have learning differences or are neurodiverse, and their café offers total communication, making it an inclusive space for everyone.

Continuing, Amanda said: “We are passionate about breaking down barriers and creating a safe and inclusive space for everyone. We believe that everyone has the potential to succeed, and we are committed to helping our learners achieve their goals.”

No Limits Café is breaking down barriers and making a difference in the community. Their dedication to empowering learners through work experience is helping to address the issues of unemployment and underemployment in Devon. They are proud to be a part of the Open Up to Skills initiative and will continue to make a difference in the lives of those they serve.

With the local Devon economy still recovering from the pandemic, the Open Up to Skills initiative created by Devon Council is supporting additional training places to improve the skills of the local workforce. This is directly supporting businesses and employees in the hospitality, catering, leisure, retail and tourism sectors. No Limits Café has been an integral part of this initiative, supporting around 60 people and providing 8 weeks of work experience.


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