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Seetec colleagues were proud to mark Social Prescribing Day 2024 alongside partners at Norfolk County Council, Standguide Group, and a buzzing wider network of local community supporters. 

There was much to celebrate at Carrow Road, the home of Norwich City Football Club. Working Well Norfolk is now six months into delivery and is already changing lives across the county! 

📹Watch the video, above, to hear our team talk about the work they do

At Seetec we put ourselves in other people’s shoes and never stop learning.

Whilst celebrating with our community partners we also grabbed the opportunity to learn from them and further deepen our understanding of the people and communities we serve. 

Social Prescribing Day in NorfolkMotivated and ready to work

We understand that taking those last steps into work is not always easy – particularly if you are managing a disability or health condition.

Or perhaps you’re struggling in the workplace due to your disability or health condition.

Our dedicated employment advisers are here to support you. They will offer one to one advice and coaching to help you.

We can support you even if you think of your health condition as relatively minor!

Working closely with social prescribers and support organisations at the very heart of our Norfolk communities, we are able help more people realise their unique potential through work.

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