Seetec Pluss are thrilled to be working alongside PSI Global Recruitment to provide essential hygiene items to our participants on their journey back into work.

Our team in Plymouth set up their own initiative to offer complimentary sanitary and hygiene items to participants in the male and female toilets of the office, leaving a basket of items readily available for anyone to pick from if they need it.

At a recent jobs fair in Plymouth, PSI Global were in attendance and were particularly moved by the initiative and wanted to be a part of it! We’re so pleased to be partnering with PSI Global who now fund a regular supply of these items so we can continue to provide this offer to our participants.

Speaking of the collaboration, PSI Global have said, “It has always been a priority for the team at PSI Global Recruitment to ensure each site hires within the local communities they invest in. This helps to boost the local economy by getting more people back into work, potentially turning that one job into a long-term career in the area.

“Equally important has been the work our team members do in the local communities. This has included donating to local food banks throughout the UK, toys at Christmas in Preston, a local women’s shelter in Liverpool, and more recently, our team in Plymouth collaborating with Seetec Pluss.

Creating an Impact

They continue, “In order to create a lasting impact in the communities our projects are located in, our aim has always been to focus our efforts on recruiting locally and upskilling our workers. We’ve engaged with services such as schools, job centres, and prisons in several areas to try and engage local people as well as generate interest from those who may not have considered work in our industry.

“Our account managers have also worked to create and build relationships with local organisations. One of those organisations for our team in Plymouth is Seetec Pluss. Not only are Seetec Pluss focused on getting people back into work in a number of communities across the UK, but they’re also focused on the wellbeing of the people that come to them for help.”

Seetec Pluss’s Integration Co-ordinator, Ronnie Carter, said, “Seetec aim to empower local communities and create a positive social impact. By working in partnership with employers, we aim to cultivate a talented local workforce, ensuring their success in finding and retaining valuable opportunities.”

Senior Account Manager Yasmin Lobb has been working closely with the team at Seetec Pluss since she started at PSI Global at the beginning of 2021. During that time Yasmin has attended job events to promote the work done on Devonport Dockyard and donated much needed supplies to their centre in Plymouth.

“As soon as I came on board at PSI Global, I started liaising with Jobcentre Plus, which is when we found out about Seetec Pluss,” explained Yasmin. “I have been working with Ty and more recently Lisa, along with many other communications from Seetec advisors, to help their candidates get back in to work.”

Making a Difference

Working with organisations who make a difference in the local community, and to the wellbeing of job seekers and workers, has been essential in supporting the work PSI Global are doing on a number of projects. They have introduced healthy eating options on one of their sites, offer upskilling opportunities regularly, and have offered training on mental health support to their account managers so they can further assist their workforce.

The regular donations in Seetec Pluss’s Plymouth office will be available to those going to the office for assistance. But the job events and donations are just the beginning as they look forward to upcoming events to further their partnership and shared goal of getting people back into work while supporting their wellbeing.

“Through collaborative working with PSI Global Recruitment in Plymouth, we are dedicated to supporting our participants by gifting them essential hygiene products,” said Ronnie. “Together, we can do the right thing and make a difference in people’s lives.”

Stay tuned to find out PSI Global will be collaborating with Seetec throughout the year. If you have any questions about the jobs opportunities they have in Plymouth, you can contact Yasmin directly on 01752 424752.


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