Char White owner of Logical Cleaning Solutions and Julie Jasper Employer Account Executive for Seetec Pluss have been working together successfully filling cleaning vacancies across Cornwall. Below they describe the great relationship and why health and wellbeing is an integral part of employment.

Julie has been recruiting participants to Logical Cleaning services, for the last 2 years, “Char and Mick are very responsive and supportive of all we do at Seetec Pluss,” said Julie.

Char said “recruitment has become more challenging, and we have had to adapt our normal recruitment practices and employment offer to attract more applicants, such as offering longer hours and giving extra training and support

Seetec Pluss have secured positions for several participants with the company over the years, most notably, it is great to hear how health and wellbeing plays an essential role in an employment offer, encouraging staff loyalty and retention.

One of our participants recently moved to Cornwall to start a new independent life. Seetec Pluss introduced them to Logical Cleaning and immediately they were offered a role. To help the participant feel welcome and settled in their new life they were given personal use of their work van to stay connected to family and friends.

As you can imagine the participant was over the moon! They’re now looking forward to their new life and the new opportunities with Logical Cleaning.  What a great example of a forward-thinking company who puts employee welfare at the heart of their business decisions.

Written by Jane Forrest, Employer Inclusion Lead

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