WHP Pioneer is here!

Seetec Pluss is delighted to launch the Department for Work and Pensions ‘Work and Health Programme (WHP) – Pioneer’ to support over 4,000 people across the Southwest to move into sustained work.

Starting today, WHP Pioneer will provide personalised help to people facing complex barriers to work, including disabilities and health conditions, as part of the Government’s flagship Universal Support programme.

Pioneer takes a different approach to traditional employment support as people will begin searching for work right at the outset, followed up by highly personalised support to overcome challenges as they arise, rather than having to train before being allowed to start employment.

After an initial assessment, participants will quickly be introduced to suitable employers based on their preferences, strengths and any lessons learned from previous work experience, to ensure they find a job that is right for them.

They will then receive wraparound in-work support provided by a personal adviser as they start and sustain employment, which may include debt advice or help with networking or housing, and will include frequent engagement with their employer.

Seetec Pluss will make referrals directly to the new programme and will work closely with local community partners to identify people who want to find work but are not yet being assisted by Jobcentre Plus.

Mark Harrison, Executive Director at Seetec Pluss said:

“We are delighted to launch WHP Pioneer to help thousands more people to realise their potential and quickly move into meaningful work.

“We look forward to working with local communities and engaging with people to offer a helping hand – so they can build confidence, skills and embark on a career that is right for them.”

WHP Pioneer is part of the latest phase of Governments flagship Universal Support programme. Read here to find out more. 

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