David and Assistant Employment Adviser, Shelley.

David had been out of work for 12 years before joining the Work and Health Programme. He was already very involved at his local gardening club in Plymouth which was a top priority for him, but he was keen for a valeting role so our team in Plymouth supported David to put together a CV and start searching.

“We enquired about some work experience for David with a local mobile car washing service, as getting some recent experience would be both beneficial to David and also look good to an employer”, Employment Adviser, Kerry Bond, said. “Together we applied for car valeting positions in Saltash and Tavistock, widening the job search to include boat cleaning.

“David attended our office job club with our Assistant Employment Coaches, Shelley and David, who supported David to apply for vacancies. There was a group of regular attendees, and they enjoyed searching and encouraging each other.”

Shelley said, “It was great to see David coming out of his shell and engaging with others. He was friendly, keen and enthusiastic”.

David then attended a workshop on interview skills with our Seetec trainer, Rob, who said David had a ‘great mindset and fully engaged in the workshop.’

David sent his CV to an agency for cleaning roles and Shelley made calls to employers. They arranged bus travel and looked at timetables to ensure that David knew which bus he was catching so that he was able to get to work on time.

Last month, David started as a cleaner in the Quarry! He said, “I feel over the moon to get the job and be working again after such a long time.”

After feeling unsure about bus travel and not feeling comfortable in a busy environment, he said, “Coming to the office and using the bus has helped me and now I don’t have any problems in getting on a busy bus, because I am going to work, it has got a lot easier”.

David is still being supported by our team in Plymouth and he attends the job club to keep an eye out for another opportunity or more hours.

We are so pleased for David. Not only has he secured a job but, through his own hard work, he has overcome barriers and regained confidence in situations he had previously found challenging.

Fantastic job, David! #NoOneLeftBehind

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