One of the most valuable pieces of information we can give our participants on their journey back into work, is the empowerment to know how better off they will be in work. That’s exactly what our partners in Cornwall, Reed in Partnership, did for Dean.

Once his CV had been completed and he felt confident enough to approach employers, Dean’s Employment Adviser, Jade, completed a better off calculation with him, to identify suitable job opportunities with achievable hours and pay, which enabled Dean to to understand the financial implications of gaining employment.

Dean was enthusiastic to take part in the training that was on offer whilst on the Restart Scheme and attended in-house sessions such as Transferable Skills, Resilience, Workplace Ethics, Effective Job Search, Monitoring your Cash and many more. Dean also received valuable feedback on his mock interviews which was fundamental in building his confidence.

Collaboration at it’s finest

Our specialist partner, Cosmic, also supported Dean to refresh his knowledge on Microsoft Word and put him forward for an Administration Skills workshop, and the National Careers Service facilitated a Telephone Skills session, ending in an exam which he achieved 100% on! A fantastic addition to his CV.

A retail position came up, and as Dean had previous experience on retail, he decided to go for it. He completed his application, which included a situational task, with confidence and following a brilliant induction day, Dean was offered the job!

Reed in Partnership supported Dean with his first month of finances as he started his new job, and he received £50 in vouchers to purchase clothing and a travel card. The team will continue to support Dean as he settles into work.

“This is one of the best programmes I have ever been on in terms of support. Any questions or concerns you have will be answered and addressed.”– Dean.

Congratulations, Dean! We wish you all the best for your future. #NoOneLeftBehind

In partnership with Reed in Partnership. The Restart Scheme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions.

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