Due to full time caring and childcare commitments Karen had put her job prospects on hold. When she first joined the JETS programme, it was clear she was determined to get back on track with her career and make use of her inspiring experiences.

Putting a CV together for Karen was top of the list for her Employment Advisor Lisa, who was impressed by Karen’s experience.

Despite dedicating her time to caring for her mother and family, Karen had so much volunteer experience which Lisa found inspiring.

These different volunteer roles allowed Karen to develop a variety of transferable skills but for Lisa, it was important to give Karen the confidence to recognise her achievements and overcome any barriers into getting back into work.

“I would say the main barrier was job searching on the internet, it’s not very personal, just send your CV off and you are lucky if you even get a confirmation, some jobs were very misleading” Karen said

Karen said, “The JETS programme gave me the confidence to apply for jobs that I really wanted, and Lisa helped me feel good about myself. The huge amount of support going through the job searching process, helped me enormously to get the job that I wanted.”

Karen threw herself into all the training and courses JETS had to offer. From brushing up on IT skills, Basic Microsoft and Excel, Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace, Customer Service and Business Administration with the Digital College. To remote JETS workshops including Interview Techniques and a LinkedIn workshop.

Karen went onto say,

I received a huge amount of support, weekly phone calls, emails, help with CV, online courses, someone to talk to and ask questions, to point you in the right direction, support when applying for jobs.  Lisa was friendly and was there to help you through the job searching process. Great advice, and the courses were very helpful and informative.”

Karen is now working as an Adviser at a Solicitors, a role she had previously held 7 years ago.  Karen believes JETS helped her back on her career path.

I would recommend the JETS programme 100% without it I would not have successfully got the job I applied for; the programme helped me prepare for it.”

The Work and Health JETS programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

 Area: Wirral

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