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Craig, who is 35 years old and from Chudleigh, Devon.

Craig found himself facing a professional crossroads after dedicating eight years to his role as a engineer manager. The unexpected blow of redundancy left him searching for new opportunities just as he was on the cusp of becoming a first-time dad.

Craig’s journey took a positive turn when he attended a careers fair in Torquay with his partner, an event that would lead him to Sandy, a compassionate and skilled adviser from the National Careers Service in the Southwest.

Amidst the many opportunities at the careers fair, Craig initially found himself unable to identify any prospects that resonated with his skills and aspirations. However, a chance meeting with Sandy, a National Careers Service adviser from the Southwest, turned the tide.

Sandy’s genuine interest in Craig’s story and her dedication to her role shone through during their half-hour conversation.

Sandy’s listened to Craig’s concerns and aspirations and understood the urgency of Craig’s situation, particularly with impending fatherhood.

She delved deep into Craig’s professional background as an engineer manager, comprehending the specific challenges he faced in finding a job at a similar pay grade.

Beyond being a career adviser.

Sandy became a source of support and encouragement during a crucial moment in Craig’s life. Her positive demeanour and genuine interest in his success instilled confidence in Craig, motivating him to navigate the challenging job market with resilience.

Post the careers fair, Sandy didn’t just fade into the background; instead, she actively reached out to Craig to continue their collaboration.

Recognising the importance of a targeted job search, Sandy worked with Craig to refine his approach, identifying roles that aligned with his skills and ambitions.

Sandy was able to pinpoint a vacancy for a porter operations manager at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, matching Craig’s desired pay grade.

Crafting a new CV after years in a stable position proved to be a daunting task for Craig. Sandy, used her expertise, provided invaluable guidance in creating a CV that showcased Craig’s managerial skills and engineering expertise.

Her attention to detail and understanding of industry expectations ensured that Craig’s CV stood out among the competition.

Sandy National Careers Service Sandy’s guidance.

Armed with a refined CV and insights from Sandy, Craig approached the interview for the porter operations manager position at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital with confidence.

His success in securing the job highlighted not only his capabilities but also the effectiveness of Sandy’s support and guidance.

Reflecting on his experience, Craig expressed gratitude for Sandy’s role in his journey, stating, “Sandy was amazing, so helpful and knowledgeable. During a difficult time, she was so positive, inspirational, and instilled great confidence in my abilities. I would 100% recommend talking to the National Careers Service.”

In a time of uncertainty, Sandy’s proactive approach, genuine care, and professional acumen were instrumental in helping Craig secure not just a job but a fulfilling and promising career path. Sandy added, “When I got that call saying “I got the job, thank you so much” I think I was as excited as Craig.

I am so please for Craig and his family. His success serves as an inspiration for others navigating similar challenges and underscores the importance of seeking guidance from career professionals.”




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