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Lis taking time out in one of her favourite places

When life took a bit of an unexpected turn for Lis, she decided it was a good time to evaluate her situation. She visited a careers adviser who told her that she would make a fantastic….. careers adviser!

That’s not really the whole story; Lis actually saw a Careers Adviser in Bury where she took a career quiz and discussed some of the roles that would suit her best. The roles that looked most interesting were as a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Teacher and Careers Adviser.

“Over a few years, I started on a journey to get some training and try out both roles,” says Lis.  “I taught English on trips to Latin America before and after taking a diploma in Career Guidance. I ended up choosing the Careers Adviser role.

And now Lis works for National Careers Service, offering similar advice to others who need a bit of help and direction.

We spent some time with Lis to see what motivates her to do the job, and to find out how she spends her time off.

🎬 Watch the video to hear what she had to tell us:


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