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When Zoya first contacted the National Careers Service, she had no idea what to expect. She knew that she needed some help creating a CV and looking for a job, but she was pleasantly surprised to find they offered so much more.

It was back in 2022 when 22-year-old Zoya first contacted National Careers Service: “I’ve spoken to them over the phone, and I’ve also met up with an adviser face-to-face,” she says.

“I didn’t have a CV and, as I was looking for a job so I knew that I needed some help with that, but I had no idea how much extra support they offered.”

Zoya learnt that she could improve her chances of getting a job offer if she had more than one version of her CV.

“They told me what I information I should include and how to tailor my CV for each job role I applied for,” she says. “And they suggested I take some courses to add to my skill-base.”

Zoya’s adviser pointed her in the direction of the National Careers Service website and told her about the various agencies that she could register with to find a job.

“Not only that, but they also helped me find support in improving my English as it isn’t my first language. I soon found that the website allowed me to match my qualifications to jobs and gave me information about where to start my career journey, like local colleges that could provide courses for my longer term goals.”

Armed with her new CV and the support and advice from National Careers Service, Zoya managed to secure a job in a warehouse.

“They also referred me to the ‘Futures For You’ programme to support me in some of the other help I needed. I’ve now had help with sorting out my finances, applying for cheaper accommodation, and getting a laptop – which has been invaluable for my English language training and looking for other courses.”

What does Zoya think about her overall experience with National Careers Service?

“My prospects have definitely improved,” she says. “I am so glad I made that first call and went along to the appointment they made for me. They’ve helped me so much!”

If, like Zoya, you need a bit of support to achieve your career goal, just pick up the phone (Monday – Saturday) and give us a call on 0800 100 900. And for even more guidance and support, visit our website at



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