When Shaun reached out to the National Careers Service in 2020, he faced several challenges and uncertainty. His aim was to secure an apprenticeship, but his lack of experience in interviews and CV writing, along with anxiety and self-confidence issues, made him feel like he had a mountain to climb.


Shaun’s careers adviser, Trish, recalls their first meeting: “Shaun and I first met in 2020 when he was looking for work. He was looking for an apprenticeship at the time.”


Shaun added: “Trish was my coach for two separate sessions. In my first session, she really helped me learn how to approach interviews, writing my CV and cover letters to highlight my best qualities. She was incredibly supportive and helped to boost my self-esteem.”


Following this, Shaun submitted a few applications for apprenticeships, but unfortunately none of these were successful.


Shaun explained: “While the first session with Trish was very helpful, and I did manage to go for several interviews, I felt my applications were too general. I didn’t have a strong sense of what it was that I wanted to do. I talked this through with Trish and we agreed to focus on NHS admin-specific applications.”


Trish directed him towards a specialised course that would help in securing a position within the NHS. This shift in focus enabled Shaun to channel his efforts into a specific job role.


Shaun followed Trish’s advice, applying for positions at Torbay Hospital, GP surgeries, and pharmacies. With the knowledge and confidence gained through the National Careers Service, he felt he was more able to confidently showcase his skills, even when his previous experience didn’t align perfectly with certain roles.


Shaun’s efforts paid off. He successfully secured a position with the Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust in the summer and following a vetting process, he began his new role in September. This marks a significant turning point in his career. His newfound confidence and competence were evident during the interview process.


As Shaun recalled, “I really felt confident going into that interview.”


Although he is currently on a fixed-term contract, Shaun is now on a path of learning and gaining valuable NHS admin experience.


“The support I’ve had from the National Careers Service has really boosted my confidence and self-esteem. The job search training was invaluable, too. I’m still quite a shy person and it takes me a while to get to know people such as colleagues and ‘open up,’ but I’m already feeling like I’ve made friends and I have a lot of people I can reach out to for help and advice,” Shaun shared, highlighting the personal growth he’s experienced.


Shaun concluded: “I’d definitely recommend the National Careers Service to anyone who is looking for employment or applying for a new job. Their advice helps you to focus on things that make a difference, helping you to put your best self forward.”


There’s no denying that Shaun’s determination and drive was the major reason he was ultimately successful in being offered a role with the NHS. However, the support and advice provided by Trish, on behalf of the National Career Service made a tangible difference. It equipped Shaun with the knowledge to refine and focus on a particular role. Typically, there are dozens of people applying for every job. Having expert guidance from a National Careers Service careers adviser helps people to put their best selves forward and gives them the confidence they need to excel in an interview.


You can arrange to speak to a careers adviser today by calling 0800 100 900 or visit:  https://nationalcareers.service.gov.uk/ for more information about the range of support available.

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