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Erica is an experienced marketing manager who is in her mid-forties and lives in the Bristol area. Until recently she worked for a regional children’s day nursery. Unfortunately following a difficult period after the Covid pandemic, Erica’s role was made redundant.


As a single parent, with two school-age children, being unemployed was not an option.


Erica said: “Being out of work consumed my life. Every waking hour was spent looking for jobs, completing applications and preparing for interviews.”


The problem for Erica was that she was being shortlisted for interviews, but no job offers materialised. She began to wonder if her interview skills were letting her down.


Erica explained: “When I went to sign on for Job Seekers Allowance, I did ask for some interview technique support. I had to push a little, but my coach at the Job Centre mentioned that the National Careers Service may be able to help.


“I met Michelle, a careers adviser with the National Careers Service, face-to-face, which was followed up by email. What I was after was a professional to review my interview style, like a sounding board really, and offer suggestions on how to make improvements.


“I went through what I was doing – how I was approaching interviews and answering questions. Michelle then told me that she couldn’t really help me and what I was doing was the right sort of thing and to stick with it and keep asking for feedback.


“This was such a relief to hear. Michelle was able to give me the reassurance I needed, saying I was on the right track. It was a real boost to my confidence, to know my approach was good.”


Shortly after that meeting, Erica had another interview for the role as Group Marketing Manager for a building supplies company. Michelle kept in touch and checked in to see if there had been any news.


Erica added: “I was so pleased to be offered the job. It’s such a great opportunity and it was a relief not having to apply for any more jobs. I know Michelle didn’t need to provide any specific career support, but I knew she was there if I needed it, and I’d encourage anyone who’s searching for a new role or uncertain about their career, to contact the National Careers Service.”


There are lots of ways the National Careers Service can help people. You don’t have to be unemployed either. Whether you are like Erica, seeking reassurance, or to find suitable courses that put you on the right track for your dream job. We can help you identify your transferable skills, find your strengths, how to structure your CV and show you some useful interview skills. Call the National Careers Service on 0800 100 900 today and let us help you take the next step.

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