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Seetec Pluss’ mission is to inspire and empower people in work, life and wellbeing… and our amazing Work Routes team in Eastern England do just that.

The team consists of eight people working across deprived areas of rural Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and Hertfordshire.

Aside from the amazing passion, creativity and flair demonstrated by our team who work to empower customers who face multiple and complex barriers to find work, the results speak for themselves. Taking on a previously failing contract, we’ve totally exceeded all annual contractual targets and have continued this unwavering overperformance during COVID-19.

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Our Story…

The Work Routes team empowers people who face a range of significant barriers to build confidence, skills and find sustainable work.

Manager, Alex, says, “Our customers have mental/physical health conditions, criminal convictions, substance misuse or are long-term unemployed. When people come to us, they’re often at their very lowest point. My team absolutely place the customer at the heart of the journey. They’re passionate, energetic, resilient and dedicated.

“First and foremost, the team help people to feel good about themselves; to take control of their lives, as well as offering practical support including CVs, interview-preparation, liaising with employers and applying for jobs. Once in work, our support follows them into their new role.

“But it’s so much more than this. We focus on the wider skills that help people lead a happier, healthier life and overcome barriers such as debt, housing and exclusion. Vitally, the team helps people believe in themselves again and builds such bonds that our customers stay in contact long afterwards. Our mantra is to ‘Change lives on a daily basis’.

“The team all have a caseload, but we play to people’s strengths. Darren and Tom create and nurture relationships, encouraging people on programme and supporting in work, Laura and Danine work with partners to ensure a holistic ‘whole’ service, Jeanette and Claire are compliance gurus and Tracey, a fabulous coach. They support each other, sharing ideas and relationships. Above all, they’re all fantastic at creating jobs.

“During COVID-19, we’ve moved seamlessly to remote delivery, making daily welfare calls to customers, helping people keep their homes, access food banks, apply for benefits, supporting people who’ve lost their job or been furloughed. A listening ear when there’s no-one else.”

Outstanding track record

Seetec Pluss took over delivery of Work Routes from an under-performing sub-contractor in 2017. They quickly recovered the deficit and went on to totally exceed all contractual targets.

Statistics: April-2019 to March-2020 (actual outcomes against targets):

Programme starts: 423/326 = 130%
Job entries: 201/156 = 129%
Job outcomes (in-work for over 3 months): 148/115 = 129%
Sustained work: 122/106 = 115%

Programme starts: 142/104 = 137%
Job entries: 60/39 = 154%
Job outcomes: 46/38 = 121%
Sustained work: 41/42 = 98%

They continue to exceed targets during COVID-19.

Above and beyond

“Our team is exactly like a typical family”, says Darren, Work-Routes Consultant. “We laugh, moan, smile, cry, good days, bad days. But always when needed, we pull together, share problems, listen, give advice, support each other to achieve not only our own goals but every customers too. I don’t think we see anything as ‘above and beyond’, it’s simply what we do every day.”

“If I had to define team-work, in a nutshell, it would be us”, adds Danine. “We do what we do because we love what we do and we work well as a team doing it! We aim for the best results, the best outcomes and ensure customers all gain something productive. When I joined the team, Alex said, “We aim to change lives on a daily basis” and that really hit my heart. It makes us proud to do what we do”.

“My team are brilliant’ says Tracey, “We’re open-minded and never judge. We support each other daily and keep the atmosphere happy and positive.

The team not only work brilliantly together but extend the team ethos to create vibrant partnerships with external housing, training, health and community organisations offering holistic services to customers. Our ‘extended team’ includes partners CAB, Home Group Housing, YMCA, Mind, Clarion, Shaw Trust and many more.

Together the teams host friendly monthly partner coffee mornings to share ideas and drive down barriers. This practice is really taking off, with other partners replicating. Together, they’ve co-designed bespoke workshops (based on customer feedback) including confidence-building, digital skills, self-motivation and resilience.


The team has over 100 flourishing employer partnerships. Darren promotes our amazing customers to the employers; the team promotes the employers to their customers. We work with Turners, Morrisons, TSS security, B&M and recruitment agencies such as Adecco, job-matching and delivering sector-based routeways. We host regular Disability Confident events to inspire employers.

Influencing others

The Work-Routes team recently won the Seetec Pluss ‘Best performing team ever’ award at our staff conference. Other Seetec Pluss teams and external partners have now adopted the Work-Routes ethos which is improving performance, outcomes and ‘changing lives daily’ across the UK.


We deliver Work Routes on behalf of Reed in Partnership.

Work Routes is co-funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund

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