Photo of Tony in front of a Christmas Tree

“I am very happy with the way I was treated and all the support I was given.”

Restart Scheme partners, Reed In Partnership, helped Tony tackle the steps needed to return his specialist skills to the heart of the Cornish economy as a fisherman.

After more than two years in receipt of Universal Credit, Tony, a skilled former fisherman, was referred to our Restart scheme in August.

Our support

Tony was firstly supported to replace lost ‘right to work’ documents, then to update his lapsed ‘Health & Safety at Sea’ accreditations.

Next he started to prepare for self-employment, enthusiastically engaging with comprehensive specialist training and bespoke coaching, to be certain that he would have all his business processes and reporting systems in place from the start.   

Employment Adviser, Calum, also guided Tony with ‘better off in work’ calculations to give him the financial confidence he needed to take the self-employed leap.

Finally, whilst chatting with Calum about fishing, Tony realised his PPE was likely to be outdated and no longer up to current standards. The Truro team were only too happy to provide over £250 worth of new gear including gloves, boots and heavy-duty bib and braces.

Tony is now able to look forward to 2024 with renewed energy and confidence, with his future prosperity in his own hands.

Here’s to a bright future doing what you love, Tony. 

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