National Employability Day in Chester

Our Seetec Pluss offices across the North West of England have joined hundreds of others in supporting National Employability Day by holding events which bring together participants, local employers, training providers, stakeholders, careers advisers and community organisations.

National Employability Day (June 30th 2023) is an initiative from ERSA – Employment Related Services Association, and this year’s theme was #WorkingForBetterWork. At Seetec Pluss we decided to celebrate not just for one day – but all week long!

We held events in six of our North West offices; Ellesmere Port, Chester, Warrington, Northwich & Winsford, Crewe (where we took over the nearby Lyceum Theatre) and Birkenhead, where we were also pleased to be able to show the local MP around and introduce him to some of the team and participants.



Mick Whitley MP (Labour, Birkenhead) was really impressed by what he saw: “One of my objectives in parliament is to get work into Birkenhead,” he told us, “so it’s great to see your company making people ‘job ready’ and giving them skills; whether it be for job interviews, CV writing, whatever.

Mick Whitley MP (Labour Birkenhead) meets Seetec Pluss Operations Manager, Pete Carr“As long as we can instill confidence into these young people and give them a good start in life, I think it’s an excellent idea.”

The Birkenhead ‘born and bred’ MP knows the area well and is more than familiar with the employment landscape of the area: “Birkenhead is a left-behind town,” he said. “A lot of the manufacturing base has gone, there are very few big employers.”

More investment needed

But Mr Whitley remains optimistic: “At the moment, we’ve got a big regeneration programme going on,” he tells us.

“We’ve got the likes of Wirral Waters building a lot of construction, so there’s a lot of young apprentices employed on that particular job, coming out of sixth form college, so I’m happy for them.

“But more importantly, what we need is more inwards investments into Birkenhead.”

And what about the older worker? Does Mr Whitley, who is 71 himself, think there are still opportunities for them too?

“I think it’s vitally important to try and get young people into jobs, but people in their 50s and above have got a lot of skill sets, they’ve got a lot of work experience, so why throw that away?

A very busy Chester office“They’re ready to go into a job and if the employer thinks they’re right for their business then why not interview them and hire them?

A brighter future?

As for the future, Mr Whitley thinks things are looking up: “We’ve gone through a bad period of time, with Covid and the economy (cost of living) which has cost The Exchequer a lot of money, but hopefully an incoming government will breath an injection of newness, ready to start building jobs, in construction etc.

“We’ve got the new green deal about insulating homes, about finding different energy, green energy is going to be a big thing in the next couple of years, there’s going to be a lot of jobs.

“We’ve got wave power, we’ve got wind power, we’ve got solar power – so all these things are going to end up big.”

And Mr Whitley’s overall thoughts on his visit to our offices?

“I’m impressed by the operation that Seetec Pluss is carrying out in the North West, and in particular Birkenhead,” he said.


Click on the video below and discover more about the events we staged, and to hear from some of the people who came along.

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National Employability Day 2023

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Mick Whitley MP (Labour, Birkenhead) with Seetec Pluss Operations Manager Pete Carr

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