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Andrew secured his dream job, after receiving not only a fantastic updated CV but also the confidence to reach for a career defining role as a college lecturer.

Andrew was struggling to find the right role, despite his efforts and qualifications he was going round in circles searching without any luck.

“I was faced with being out of work for the first time at the age of 44. I’ve had a wide range of jobs over the decades from military to police, to construction and fitness industries but felt that this range of skills made it quite hard to get chosen for work.

My job searching and online applications had been fruitless and for too long I had been un-employed, with my bills and debts rising and becoming un-manageable.” Andrew told us.

It was then that he spoke with Careers Adviser Vivienne whom he felt understood his plight and anxiety. She took a good look at his CV, helping to update and create an impressive new version, that really highlighted Andrew’s many skills and stood out. This gave Andrew the confidence to apply for an exciting college lecturer role.

“Within days Vivienne sent me a new and personalised CV relevant to the college job that was both accurate and punchy. I felt that I was now in a good place to feel a level of optimism”

They were both delighted that he made it to the interview stage! Before the interview Vivienne gave him lots of positive encouragement, telling him to enjoy the process which worked a treat as Andrew not only did a great interview and ‘mini teach’ session, he also got the job! Not just any job but the perfect empowering role he was after at this stage of life.

“When I left the interview I couldn’t wait to tell Vivienne because this really was the only job application that was going anywhere and I was getting super excited to see myself having a real chance of becoming a college lecturer, which would for me be a job for life”

On securing the position Andrew was quick to list all the amazing benefits of the role and just how much this means to him and his future:

“I have a good salary, a great pension, up skilling and training, it’s local to home, teachers leave and many many more benefits whilst, most importantly, holding a position where I can empower, up skill and positively impact youngsters and adults alike; bringing huge job satisfaction, and to me, a stable lifestyle, which had been missing for so long, this is a dream come true.

My life has significantly changed and brighter days lie ahead. If it had not been for Vivienne’s enthusiasm, care and diligence in managing my CV a few weeks before I would not be in this position. I have not always been able to ask for help but have learnt that sometimes the intervention and smart thinking of others could be the necessary turning point for an even more successful future.”

Andrew now has plans to refer his new students to National Careers Service when the time comes, be it for first time jobs or self employment support.

“I am humbled and grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me out when I was lost in searching and really needed to get a job like this. It worked and the time and effort National Careers Service put into helping me, paid off and has allowed me to take on new beginnings”.

Here’s to the beginning of the rest of your life Andrew in a great new job, your students are certainly lucky to have you.

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