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Laura is 21 and a single parent of two young children aged three and one.

Laura left school early and had previously worked part-time in retail but never felt she had a career. Now having young children herself, she decided that she wanted to look for roles working with children that would also fit around her parental responsibilities.

Laura approached her local college to look at courses but was concerned by the days and hours needed with her children being so little.

The college referred Laura to National Careers Service and she was seen by Careers Adviser, Jodi. Jodi recommended a ‘Support Work in Schools’ course with Whitehead-Ross. This course suited Laura perfectly as it was only only day a week for 12 weeks.

Laura begins her career journey

Laura has now started the course and is thoroughly enjoying what she is learning. On finishing her course, her plan is to look to do a full time course as her children will have started nursery and pre-school by then.

Her longer term plan is to work with 0-5 year olds in a childcare or pre-school setting.

Laura said “I am hugely grateful to the National Careers Service for pointing me in the right direction. I didn’t know there were other fully funded options available to me other than college and this course suits me perfectly.”

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