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In just a few weeks since joining Pioneer Adam has completed a CSCS course, passed his SIA Door Supervisor training, become an accredited first aider and rediscovered his talent for music production!
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Adam who lives in Swindon describes himself as having been on a long, low road to recovery following serious complex knee surgery.

Personal trauma, covid isolation and being laid off from previous jobs that he loved have also contributed to his being unable to work for a long time.

Adam experienced such a decline in his mental health that he was eventually left struggling to leave his home.

As a lifelong music lover and drum and bass producer, Adam also found himself unable even to listen to music.

Back to life

Alongside job goal specific training, and help to restore his social confidence, Adam also welcomed a funded referral by Seetec to IPSUM, with whom he has successfully accessed music therapy.

Adam has started making music again.

The package of intense activity from Seetec has had a transformative effect on his whole mindset.

He describes feeling “brought back to life” by the team and a newfound network of supportive peers at Seetec in Swindon.

With his new licenses due to arrive any day now, Seetec already have a range of great employers ready for Adam to meet with over coming weeks.

He is finally looking forward and making plans in the knowledge that are multiple doors open to him again.

Above all, Adam is looking forward to once again enjoying the freedom to travel that his upcoming financial independence will give him back later this year. 



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