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After 40 years of experience as a self-employed product designer and artist, Nigel decided to re-enter the workforce and National Careers Service supported him to decide on his future plans.

After COVID-19, Nigel realised he needed a job to stay afloat, but after decades of being self-employed and a mature worker, he needed some support.

“I found out about the National Careers Service via an old friend and arranged a face-to-face meeting at Cirencester Jobs Centre,” Nigel says.

During the session with the National Careers Service, Nigel and his adviser, Ronnie, reviewed his CV, highlighted transferable skills and looked at how to refine his sales pitch.

He says, “I felt like the careers adviser was very helpful and encouraging and boosted my confidence by pointing out all my employability skills.”

Nigel found it really useful to continually refer to the action plan, they’d created together.

But it wasn’t easy; “I felt lonely and so uncertain about everything that was happening, which meant I valued having contact with my adviser, for support on next steps and to share my progress, even more than ever.”

Following the support from the National Careers Service, he became an Ambassador for Glos Jobs, giving him a wealth of knowledge and connections.

Tailored service

Even though that job sadly ended, Nigel felt confident enough to apply for similar roles and had another look at his product design business that he is now developing.

“The question now, is can I work at the same time as trying to restart my own company?

“My ultimate aim is to restore my design business and look at how it can develop to meet new demands,” he says.

Nigel felt like the service was tailored to him and his needs; “Ronnie helped remove the fear of potentially returning to employment after decades of being freelance.

“I also value her ongoing encouragement. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the National Careers Service to a friend.”

And if you’ve been inspired by Nigel’s story and would like more information on how we can support YOU, just give us a call on 0800 100 900 or visit our website at


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