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Elyshia (AKA Lady E Bling), from Greater Manchester, is a single mum of five, who says she had a challenging upbringing. But rather than let things get her down, she decided to draw upon her lived experiences to turn that pain in to passion”, better her own life – and that of others around her.

Elyshia came to the National Careers Service after meeting one of our advisers at a workshop hosted by YES a few years a go.

She tells us she’s had to deal with many personal challenges in her life, some of which resulted in two of her children being admitted into local authority care.

This made Elyshia decide ‘enough was enough’; “I was at a crossroads of what I would do with my life and where I wanted to go. I decided I wanted more; I wanted a career.

“I wanted to be more than just a young mum who was judged, and feeling like I had to fight for everything.”

Meeting our Careers Adviser, Sally, inspired her to do just that!

Before meeting Sally, Elyshia was doing her Honours Degree (in Bachelor of Science in International Events Business Management), she also had several other jobs. 

Sally helped support her in deciding a Master’s degree would be a great next step;

“We were looking at a bunch of short courses, and then Sally asked me why I was underselling myself and that I should go for my Master’s instead, which I decided to do.”


One of the many things Elyshia has now done is create a company called ‘Pillar of Women’, which helps inspire women from all backgrounds. She hosts workshops where she breaks down the business world into  ‘urban vocabulary’ (the language of talking in informal slang).

A personal experience whilst at university inspired Elyshia to set up another section of her business.

Two of her children found themselves on the wrong side of the law and were sent to prison; “My lifeElyshia getting her masters degree was in shatters but I still had hope. I had no one to turn to, no one to talk to,  no support mechanism.

” Talking to Sally became my release; she was like my friend and Careers Adviser all rolled into one.

“Sometimes my appointments were on days when my house was being raided, or I was at the police station, court or meetings (as one of my children has special needs).”

Elyshia knew she wasn’t the only woman feeling this way, or going through their own personal life challenges, and she was passionate about helping others in similar  positions; “Whilst I was doing my degree, I was also supporting one of my sons who was going through a heavy court case; the media was everywhere, and the community was talking!” She told us.

“But between my degree, ‘Pillar of Women’, and the help I received from National Careers Service, I got through it all – because I had a purpose! Which is the message I try to spread to other women.”

Elyshia shared with us some of the feelings of doubt she was having; “I had a lot of anxiety; I felt disappointed and like it was my fault. That I had failed as a parent – and as a woman.”


Careers Adviser Sally explained some of the things they worked on together; “I saw Elyshia on a number of occasions after that initial contact, supporting her with applying for a Master’s Degree and directing her to various different services which offer self-employment support and information.

“I assisted with creating a CV and listened to presentations she’d created to support her bids for the funding of her community project; ‘Pillar of Women’.

“Elyshia is a determined, resourceful and proactive person with seemingly unlimited energy.

“She’s a whirlwind of ideas and creativity and wants to use her own experiences to help and support others to achieve their goals, and I am sure she is an inspiration to many!”

Elyshia wanted to add her thoughts on the support she received, “Sally never rolled her eyes at me as other people did. If she didn’t know the answer to something, she would always go away and research it ready for our next session.”

Sally supported with spelling and grammar too, as Elyshia has Dyslexia; “I used to be ashamed to admit having dyslexia, but thanks to  National Careers Service and Sally, I’m now proud of it.”


Elyshia has decided that a Undergraduate Degree in International Events Management and a Master’s Degree in Marketing just wasn’t enough for her! She’s recently received an unconditional offer for a Doctorate in Business Administration too! Not only that, she is also studying to become a dance teacher, yet another string to her bow.

Elyshia and Sally are still in touch to this day, as Elyshia likes to share her updates and get support from Sally with her spelling and grammar.

Seems like there’s no stopping this ‘whirlwind’ now!

We wish Elyshia the very best of luck for the future. We just know she will achieve even more amazing things.

And if you’ve been inspired by Elyshia’s story and would like more information on how we can support YOU, just give us a call on 0800 100 900 or visit our website at



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